Here at Khadeejah's, our team is comprised of like minded individuals that strongly believe in giving back to the community. Teamwork is important to us; not just for the progress of our company, but also for the progress of under privileged families. We believe that together we can make a difference in someone's life. For this reason, Khadeejah's will donate 10% of our total profit per month to the #WalletsToWell campaign. 

#WalletsToWells Campaign 

Our wallets-to-wells program is an initiative that our team has built from scratch. With this program, we use 10% of our profits each month to make drinking water more accessible to communities who lack this basic human right.

We've chosen to focus our first project in helping under served regions in Pakistan. Due to the lack of government intervention, natural disasters and extremely hot climate, there is an increased need for accessible drinking water in this region. Many people have to walk over 3 km everyday just to grab a bucket of fresh water. In the process, many people - including children - end up dying. Our aim with this project is to identify these areas that are urgently in need and provide immediate relief through access to clean drinking water.

Our team is currently on the front lines and consists of individuals who have years of expertise in building this infrastructure. Your purchases at Khadeejah's will help us continue to work extensively on this project to ensure a higher quality of life in Pakistan's most vulnerable areas. 

As our business grows, our future plans include to have more countries a part of this project, as we aspire to help the needy in all parts of the world!